Week 48 – Malaysian Cuisine


Cuisine: Malaysian
Restaurant: Roti King
Address: 40 Doric Way, Kings Cross, London NW1 1LH

Guests: Paolo, Simone

– Mee Goreng Mamak
– Bee Hoon Goreng
– Nasi Goreng
– Kangkung Belacan
– Lamb Murtabak
– Roti Canai Special
– Roti Cheese
– Roti Pisang
– Roti Planta

– Teh Tarik

Bill: £53.20

Tiny, packed, restaurant hidden away in a small basement just outside Euston Station, serving truly authentic Malaysian food to a number of South Asian (mainly) people ready to queue for hours (there is a strictly first come first served policy) in order to get a taste of home while in London.

Start with a couple of Roti a type of flatbread stuffed with all sort of things: fish, lamb, cheese, you name it. Fresh, tasty and as authentic as it can get, they are prepared in front of you in the open kitchen.

Mains, generous in size and rich in taste, are pretty much divided in three categories: rice dishes (eg Nasi Goreng, stir fried rice with eggs, seafood and chicken), noodles dishes (such as the slightly spicy Mee Goreng Mamak, stir fried egg noodles with eggs, chicken, prawns, tofu and peanuts) and vegetables (eg Kangkung Belacan, stir fried water spinach cooked in shrimp paste).

The food is just mildly spicy, still a warm or cold Teh Tarik, Malaysia own national drink, is recommended to get you through dinner, which mandatorily have to be ended with a sweet Roti Pisang Roti filled with caramelised banana).
Malaysain Cuisine in London: Roti King

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