Week 42 – Mexican Cuisine


Cuisine: Mexican
Restaurant: Mestizo
Address: 103 Hampstead Rd., London, Greater London, NW1 3EL

Guests: Carlos, Mati, Gaby

– Mole Poblano
– Chiles Rellenos de Flor de Calabaza
– Tamales with Rajas
– Ensalada de Nopales
– Taco tray (Cuitlacoche, Carnitas, Cochinita Pibil, Pastor, Mole poblano, Chiles Rellemos)
– Pastel de Elote – Flan Casero

– Modelo Especial (2x)
– Pacifico (2x)
– Pacifico as Levanta Muertos
– Corona as Michelada
– Don Julio tequila tasting menu (3x)
– Mezcal Alipús tasting menu (4x)

Bill: £165.71

Notes: A Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar serving classic Mexican dishes and drinks in an authentic atmosphere.

Make yourself comfortable with the menu while drinking a refreshing Modelo Especial or, if you are keen to try the real thing, a Levanta Muertos (literally Raise the Dead) your choice of beer plus a spicy, concentrate, flavoured tomato and lime juice.

Mole Poblano, boneless chicken breast served with a traditional spicy mole sauce, Ensalada de Nopales, grilled tender cactus leaf topped with queso fresco ranchero, Tamales with Rajas, corn husks filled with corn maize and Oaxacan cheese, and Chiles Rellenos, peppers stuffed with squash blossom flowers in tomato sauce, all make great “plato fuertes” but the real star of the meal got to be another one: the tacos.

Pour as many filling as you like over your corn or wheat tortillas, add flavour choosing among the selection of more or less spicy Mexican dips, wrap your creation up: preparing your DYI tacos is a joyful, creative way to enjoy new tastes.

A portion of Pastel de Elote (corn cake) or Flan Casero (a rich Mexican version of cream caramel) will be a sweet way to take you to the end of your meal that will be compulsory closed by a few shots of tequilas or mescal. Or both.

¡Que Viva Mexico!
Mexican Cuisine in London: Mestizo

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