Week 37 – Jamaican Cuisine

Jamaican Cuisine in London: Negril

Cuisine: Jamaican
Restaurant: Negril
Address: 132 Brixton Hill, Brixton, Greater London, SW2 1RS

Guests: Laura, Dario

– Saltfish Fritters
– Jerk wings
– Plantains
– Jerky Chicken 1/2
– Festivals
– Rice and Peas
– Curry goat
– Jerky Chicken 1/4
– Chocolate cake

– Red Stripe (6x)
– Appleton Rare Blend 12yo
– Koko Kanu
– Coffee

Bill: £118.13

Notes: Simple, unfussy laid-back Caribbean restaurant serving traditional Jamaican comfort food in Brixton.

Saltfish fritters – fried cod, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and deep fried Plantains, a variety of banana, both make a good starter.

Jerk chicken marinated in hot spice mixture should be the compulsory main and so should be a portion of Festivals a sort of long Caribbean dumpling. A good alternative could be the boneless tender curry goat.
A couple of Red Stripe cans will help bearing with the spiciness and a rum cocktail followed by a Jamaican coffee will make the perfect ending to your dinner.

…and I hope you like jammin’ too…
Jamaican Cuisine in London: Negril

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