Week 30 – Sri Lankan Cuisine


Cuisine: Sri Lankan
Restaurant: Hoppers
Address: 49 Frith St, London, Greater London, W1D 4SG

Guests: Yolanda, Jason

‪- Bonemarrow Varuval‬
‪- Mutton Rolls‬
– Chicken Wing Chukka
– Calamari Fry
– Lamb Hopper
– Black Pork Hopper
– Okra + Plantain Kari Hopper
– Lamb Kothu Roti
– Shortrib Buriani
– Sambols + Chutneys
– Yoghurt
– Brinjal Moju

– Lion Sri Lankan Lager
– Passion Fruit Pale Ale

Bill: £111.38

A small, stylish no-bookings joint in Soho, serving traditional Sri Lankan street food. Leave your number and go get a drink in some bar close by. It will take a couple of hours or more before you get your craved spot at Hoppers but the wait is totally worth.
Place your order and your table will quickly be filled with a plethora of small dishes: the bone marrow, covered by an exceptional spiced sauce is definitely worth giving a try, the Calamari are not to be missed and the Short Rib Buriani is excellent, but the star of the menu is the dish from which the restaurant takes its name: the hopper, a crispy bowl-shaped pancake made from rice flour and coconut milk, traditionally served with a whole egg baked into the base. You can choose several curries to go with it, the black pork deserving a special mention, all surprising and delicious.

Careful with the green chilli. They. Are. Hot.
Sri Lankan Cuisine in London: Hoppers

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