Week 26 – Persian Cuisine


Cuisine: Persian
Restaurant: Colbeh
Address: 6 Porchester Pl., Paddington, Greater London, W2 2BS

Guest: Riccardo ‪

‪- Naan (4x)
‪- Mix Starter (Kashk-e-bademjan, Mirza Ghasemi, Hummus, Salad Shirazi, Salad Olivieh, Naazkhatoon)
– Chelo Kabab Chenjeh & Koobideh
– Ghouzi
– Persian Ice Cream

– Doogh (2x)
– Special tea (3x)

Bill: £70

From the moment you step in Colbeh waiting for your table, you feel like you have been catapulted to the Middle East. Simple furniture, straightforward service and every single customer around you is Iranian. Sit down facing the inside of the premises and you can easily forget about being in the UK.

While waiting for a mix starter platter, ask for a couple of naan bread: crunchier than the Indian version, the bread is prepared on the spot right in front of you in a traditional tandoor oven.
The kebabs are amazing, the Ghouzi is incredible: an impressive lamb shank, cooked in a special tomato sauce served with rice, raisins, onions and spices, which literally melts in your mouth. The saffron sprinkled over the rice makes the experience even richer.
Whatever you get, wash everything down with a yogurt-based doogh, a traditional Persian buttermilk drink, ticker and spicer than a Turkish Ayran and save some space for a taste of homemade ice cream made with fresh cream, rose water, saffron and pistachio nuts.

Ending dinner with a special infusion made with three different kind of tea is nothing but highly recommended. Amazing.
Persian Cuisine in London: Colbeh

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