Week 24 – Hungarian Cuisine

Hungarian Cuisine in London: The Rosemary‬

Cuisine: Hungarian
‪‪‪Restaurant: The Rosemary
Address: 178 New Cross Rd, New Cross, Greater London, SE14 5AA

‪Guest: Oscar ‪

‪- Beefsteak Tartare
‪- Hungarian Goulash soup
– Beed stew in red wine with home-made dumplings
– Chicken paprikash with home-made dumplings
– Hungarian trifle with home-made ice cream,
– Chestnut puree with cream

– Soproni lager
– Thummerer Egri Bikavér
– Tokai Furmint

Bill: £71.90

Notes: Friendly staff, good food and warm atmosphere and service will welcome you this lovely restaurant serving traditional Hungarian cuisine.

As a starter the beef tartare is pretty good but the Goulash soup is exceptional: adjust the spiciness with as much Erős Pista (coarsely minced hot paprika) as you like and don’t be shy to mop up your plate with bread till there is nothing left. A glass of dry, rich Thummerer Egri Bikavér (literally translated: “bull’s Blood”) makes it even better. ‪
Whatever main course you get make sure to have some galuskával (little home-made kind of dumplings) on side and end your dinner with a big rich filling dessert. You may want to complement the latter with a glass of sweet Tokai followed by a shot of Palinka.

(We couldn’t have the shot cause as the waiter pointed out “there was a massive Hungarian party last weekend: we drank every single drop of palinka we had…”. Respect!)
Hungarian Cuisine in London: The Rosemary‬

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