Week 19 – Turkish Cuisine

Turkish Cuisine in London: Gokyuzu

Cuisine: Turkish ‪
Restaurant: Gökyüzü‬
‪Address: 26-27 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, Harringay, Greater London, N4 1LG‬

Guest: Riccardo, Charlotte, Tim

‪- ‬Lahmacun (2x)
‪- ‬Sucuk
‪- Iskender Kebap‬
‪- Yogurtlu Adana (2X)‬
– Mixed Shish

‪- Ayran (jug)‬
– Turkish Tea

Bill: £79.75

Notes: Located in the heart of Harringay, the undisputed Mecca for Turkish food enthusiasts in London, ‪Gökyüzü far from being the small kebab shop it used to be, after going through a massive renovation has dramatically changed its interiors: more classy, less romantically rustic maybe, but its legendary food maintain the same excellent quality (and quantity) at the same very affordable price.‬
Complimentary focaccia bread, salad and tzatziki will land on your table before you can say anything. Indulge for a minute dipping the bread in the tzatziki but don’t fill your stomach up (trust me: you’ll need space) and go straight to the unmissable starter: the lamb ‬Lahmacun, a thin piece of dough topped with minced meat, best eaten wrapt and filled with salad.
The large share platters are seriously impressive but don’t give in to temptation and choose either a lamb mixed (half shish half Adana) or one of the yoghurt rich classic dishes. All to die for.

End your dinner with a complimentary Turkish tea and, if you still have room (but probably you won’t) a sweet locally produced baklava.
Turkish Cuisine in London: Gökyüzü‬

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