Week 18 – Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine in London: Rasa W1

Cuisine: Indian
‪Restaurant: Rasa W1‬
‪Address: 6 Dering St., London, Greater London, W1S 1AD‬

Guest: Neha, Prathika

‪- ‬Rasa Veg. Feast (Banana Boli, Mysore Bonda, Kathrikka, Medhu Vadai, Parippu, Cheera Parippu Curry, Sambar, Savoy cabbage, Pal Payasam)
‪- ‬Kappayum Meenum
‪- Kerala fish fry‬
‪- Lemon rice‬
– Paratha
– Appam (2x)

‪- Salt Lassi‬
– Mango Lassi (2x)

Bill: £64.55

Notes: all three Rasa’s restaurant (one of which is exclusively vegetarian) will make you in a good mood already a few feet before entering the premises thanks to their typical bright and vibrant pink front windows and the mouthwatering inviting smells spreading all around.
If you are unsure what to choose, think no further and get the feast meal choice (veg or not) and stuff your face with a variety of small colourful dishes that going from starters all the way to the dessert will give you a pretty authentic and satisfying Keralan cuisine experience. Forks and spoon are not necessary (but provided): use your bare hands and make good use of the flatbread paratha and the spongy appam.

Be brave and eat one or two of the green hot chilli, easing the pain with a good refreshing mango or salt lassi.
Indian Cuisine in London: Rasa W1

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