Week 14 – Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine in London: Eat Tokyo

Cuisine: Japanese
‪Restaurant: Eat Tokyo
‪Address: ‬14 North End Rd, Golders Green, Greater London, NW11 7PH

Guest: Holly, Carlotta

‪- ‬Miso soup (3x)
‪- ‬Yumcha Mori
‪- ‬Tempura Moriawase
‪- ‬Sashimi Boat
‪- ‬Tokyo Dragon
‪- ‬King Dragon
‪- ‬Hyper Roll
‪- ‬Salmon Tataki
‪- ‬Takoyaki

‪- ‬Kirin hichiban beer
– Ashai beer
– Dewazakura Izumi Jundan sake
– Masumi Okuden Kantsukuri sake

Bill: £136

Notes: Busy and authentic Japanese restaurant, with a overwhelming selection of sushi, sashimi and a reassuring Japanese customers presence.

Start with a refreshing miso soup to stimulate your appetite, follow with a couple of their awards winning rolls to be eaten before and after their signature dish: the sashimi boat, a spectacular composition made of a variety of different fishes (squid, salmon, tuna, sea bass… you name it) that can easily feed 3 people alone.
Never, ever leave without a portion of octopus balls served with bonito flakes, red ginger and mayonnaise in a Teriyaki sauce.

End with a flask of two of dry sake to wash everything down
Japanese Cuisine in London: Eat Tokyo

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