Week 12 – Ghanaian Cuisine

Ghanaian Cuisine in London: Sweet Handz

Cuisine: Ghanaian
Restaurant: Sweet Handz
Address: 217 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DL

Guest: Oscar

– Medium Tsofi and Kelewele (2x)
– Fufu Palm Nut soup with assorted meat
– Beans stew with meat

– Large Club Ghanaian beer
– Large Star Ghanaian beer
– Large Nigerian Guinness

Bill: £58

Notes: Sweet Handz, serving a vaste range of West African food and drinks brings a touch of Ghana in the heart of North London.
Start with a portion of traditional fried plantains seasoned with spices, to be dipped in a couple of killer hot sauces. The sweet/hot burning collateral feeling is best to be alleviated with a couple of sip of a light Ghanaian beer.
Ready for something completely different? Try Fufu, a white, sticky and chewy cassava flour big ball served alongside a tasty palm nut soup meant to be eaten with your bare hands (hence the name of the restaurant?), the unmissable Ghanaian national dish that will leave you (in this order): excited, puzzled, very satisfied.

Note to self: African Guinness is way stronger than what normally comes out the British Isles…
Ghanaian Cuisine in London: Sweet Handz

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