Week 9 – Palestinian Cuisine

Palestinian Cuisine in London: Maramia

Cuisine: Palestinian
‪Restaurant: Maramia‬
‪Address: 48 Golbourne Rd, London, W10 5PR‬

‪Guest: Neha‬

‪- ‬Hummus
‪- ‬Moutabel
‪- ‬Sambusek
‪- ‬Arayes
‪- ‬Sujuk
– Chicken Mousakhan
– Palestinian Mousakk
– Basboussa

‪- ‬Jeune red – Chateau Musar 2012
– Maramia Tea

Bill: £80

Ever got that sweet feeling to go to a place you have never been before and instantly feel home and welcome?
Maramia, a small Palestinian cafe not too far from the worldwide famous Portobello Road with its simple interiors brighten up by candle lights and its fascinating Arabic music playing in the background, may easily be that place.

Even tho the cold or hot delicious mezze served with homemade bread could be enough to satisfy your appetite, you should give a try to what is deservingly labelled “the star of the menu”: a traditional grilled chicken breast cooked with caramelised onion, pine nuts and sumac complemented by fresh salad and yogurt dipping.

Save some room for the superb coconut and honey cake accompanied by a homemade brewed cup of sage tea.
Palestinian Cuisine in London: Maramia

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