Week 6 – Austrian ‬Cuisine

Austrian Cuisine in London: Fischer's‬

Cuisine: Austrian ‬
‪Restaurant: Fischer’s‬
‪Address: 50 Marylebone High St, London, W1U 5HN‬

‪Guest: Oscar‬

‪- Kasespatzle‬
‪- Brötchen selection (chicken liver, cucumber and dill. Herring roe caviar and paprika egg. Artichoke and fried cappers) ‬
‪- Würstchen‬
‪- Wiener schnitzel ‬
‪- Potato salad‬
‪- Topfenstrudel‬

‪- Stiegl‬
‪- Gruner Lois‬
‪- Wiener kaffee‬
‪- Marillenbrand‬
‪- Quitten Trauben‬

‪Bill: £119.25

Notes: elegant 1920s look-alike Viennese café restaurant with mittel-European attention to details, impeccable service, impressive wine list and outstanding food.
Get your tummy ready with a ‪brötchen‬ selection followed by Austria’s favourite dish: a gigantic Wiener veal schnitzel‪ served with potato salad. Take your time, sip a schnapps or two chatting the night away: no one is gonna ask you to leave.‬

And do not even think to go before having a proper wiener coffee with whipped cream
Austrian Cuisine in London: Fischer's‬

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