Week 1 – Italian Cuisine

Cuisine: Italian
Restaurant : Little Sardegna
Address: 170 Blackstock Rd, London N5 1HA

Guest: Oscar.

– Linguine Marcello with crab meat, chili garlic and bottarga
– Paccheri with octopus ragù & smoked ricotta mustia

Water, Limoncello and Montenegro liqueur

Bill: £38

Notes: very tiny, restaurant located between Arsenal Station and Finsbury Park, with friendly vibes, great service, serving authentic Italian food in a lovely setting.
Skip the menu altogether and focus on the special dishes listed on the big blackboard: both Linguine with crab meat and bottarga, and paccheri with octopus and ricotta are fresh and delicious, better if tasted with some house white wine.
Engage with the owners and you’ll get a complimentary shot of Limoncello or liquor at the end of dinner. As you do in Italy.

Italian Cuisine in London: Little Sardegna

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