Week 50 – Czech Cuisine


Cuisine: Czech
Restaurant: Czechoslovak Restaurant
Address: 74 West End Lane, West Hampstead, London NW6 2LX

Guests: Dario, Paolo

– Vařená Klobása
– Bramborák se slaninou
– Vepřová pečeně na divoko
– Svíčková
– Pečené Husí prsa
– Segedínský Guláš

– Pilsner (5x)
– Budvar (3x)
– Becherovka (3x)

Bill: £78

Started as a meeting place for Czechs and Slovaks immigrants after WWII, the Czechoslovak National House Club & Restaurant has nearly unchanged since 1946, maintaining the original informal style and décor, serving authentic food at very reasonable prices.

Starters are as generous as the mains, still make sure you are not missing at least a portion of Boiled Sausages (Vařená Klobása).
Pretty much all mains are accompanied by a few slices of Knedlíky. These traditional bread dumplings are a necessary assistance to help you mop up the tick, rich, delish sauces: creamy and cheesy with the spiced roast pork (Vepřová pečeně na divoko), sweet-ish vegetable sauce with the roast beef (Svíčková), spiced for the pork Gulash (Segedínský Guláš).

Get through dinner with a few Czech beers and remember to end your Central European experience with a compulsory shot of Becherovka.
Czech Cuisine in London: Czechoslovak Restaurant

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