Week 49 – Burmese Cuisine


Cuisine: Burmese
Restaurant: Lahpet
Address: 5 Helmsley Place, London, E8 3SB

Guests: Oscar, Roxana

– Mixed starters (Mandalay, Shrimp & Watercress, Sweetcorn, Shan Tofu)
– Lahpet Thohk
– Ngar Hin
– Thoe Tha & Lahpet
– Bazun Hin
– Plain Rice
– House Rice
– Poached Banana
– Lime & Ginger Ice Cream

– Shan State
– Kombucha (2x)

Bill: £102.30

located in an ex-warehouse in London Fields, a few steps away from Broadway Market, Lahpet offers a contemporary take on traditional Burmese dishes.

Start with a selection of fritters served with tamarind dip, before quickly moving to the mains, better tasted with a warm pot of Burmese green tea: the slow-cooked pulled lamb with pickled tea leaves beans and baby carrots literally melts in your mouth, the Ngar Hin, fish curry made with hake and Burmese masala is soft and spicy but the very unmissable dish, recommended by the maître himself, is… a salad: Lahpet Thohk (Tea Leaf Salad), a Burmese national delicacy, an eclectic, surprising mix of flavours.
Burmese Cuisine in London: Lahpet

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