Week 46 – Filipino Cuisine


Cuisine: Filipino
Restaurant: Lutong Pinoy
Address: 10 Kenway Rd, Earls Court, London SW5 0RR

Guests: Shing

– Bicol Express
– Arroz Caldo with Egg
– Sizzling Pusit with Egg
– Daing Na Bangus
– Ilocano Pinankbet with Pork
– Sinigang Na Baka

– Don Moreno
– Mango Manga

Bill: £ 59.80

Small, cosy family run restaurant serving authentic Filipino dishes (a fusion of Spanish and Oriental ingredients and influences) to a number of regular Filipino families and customers.

Order one of the tasty sweet cocktails such as the Don Moreno (Filipino rum, ginger beer and lime), grab the food menu and let the exotic names and ingredients inspire you:
Arroz Caldo (rice with beef tripe, topped with one egg), Sinigang na Baka (tamarind soup broth), Bicol express (belly pork cooked with chillies and coconut milk), Sizzling Pusit (grilled spicy squid served on a sizzling hotplate), Daing Na Bangus (marinated fried milkfish), Ilocano Pinakbet (mixed vegetables).

Everything will land on your table almost simultaneously, a joy for your stomach and your eyes, so be prepared jumping from one dish to another till you have no space left, but take your time: everyone seems very friendly and comfortable here sipping their drinks and chatting the night away long after finishing dinner. No one will ask you to leave.
Filipino Cuisine in London: Lutong Pinoy

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