Week 43 – Greek Cuisine


Cuisine: Greek
Restaurant: Lemonia
Address: 89 Regent’s Park Rd, London NW1 8UY

Guests: Oscar

– Hummus
– Tahini
– Tzatziki
– Kalamari
– Horiatiki salad
– Stifado
– Moussaka

– Retsina Kourtaki
– Ouzo
– Raki

Bill: £101.82

Notes: historical family run Greek restaurant situated in Primrose Hill with a friendly service and a number of Greek specialties.

Start with a Horiatiki salad and a few traditional dips (Hummus, Tahini, Tzatziki, all to be scooped up with some warm pitta bread), best eaten while sipping a few glasses of fresh and crispy Retsina Kourtaki.

Follow with the national Hellenic dish, the Moussaka: made of layers of aubergine, courgettes, potatoes, fresh tomatoes and minced meet baked in a creamy white sauce it is an extremely rich, tasty and filling dish.

Save the complimentary Loukoumi (Turkish delights) to balance the compulsory shots of dry, anise-flavoured Ouzo or strong, clear Raki.
Greek Cuisine in London: Lemonia

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