Week 36 – Armenian Cuisine


Cuisine: Armenian
Restaurant: Erebuni Restaurant
Address: 2-5 Carthusian St, London, Greater London, EC1M 6EB

Guests: Oscar

– Karmir Bibar
– Lahmajoun
– Armenian lavash
– Armenian dolma
– Ker u Sus
– Khash
– Spas
– Armenian Baklava (2x)

– Kilikia (2x)
– Armenian Vodka (2x)
– Armenian coffee with brandy

Bill: £133.09

Located a stone thrown away from the Barbican, Erebuni is perhaps the only restaurant in London serving authentic Armenian food in a lounge-like setting, with the sort of music you expect to hear in the next Eurovision contest.

A Lamadjo, (Armenian Pizza, similar to the Turkish Lahmacun), a thin circular piece of dough topped with lamb, tomato sauce and herbs and a Karmir Bibar roasted red peppers, are a good way to stimulate your appetite while you are waiting for a compulsory traditional soup: choose between a Khash, garlic rich broth made from slow-cooked beef calves or a Spas, creamy, filling thick soup made with yoghurt, wheat & coriander.

Follow with a Caucasian classic: either “Ker U Sus” literally “Eat & Be Quiet” made with beef fillet strips, tomatoes, peppers, peas, gherkins and coriander or a portion of Armenian Dolma, vine leaves stuffed with minced lamb, rice, & herbs served with a garlic-flavoured yoghurt.

A shot of Armenian vodka will help making some room for a portion of mildly spiced Baklava and will mitigate the effect of the very strong Armenian coffee.
Armenian Cuisine in London: Erebuni Restaurant

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