Week 35 – Algerian Cuisine

Algerian Cuisine in London: Azou

Cuisine: Algerian
Restaurant: Azou
Address: 375 King St., London, Greater London, W6 9NJ

Guests: Camille, Kader

‪- Brik‬
‪- Briouat‬
– Bourek
– Chakchouka
– Constantine Tajine
– Tajine el Ain (2x)
– Couscous (side)
– North African baklava (3x)

– Lemonade
– Medaillon (Moroccan wine 2x)
– Mint tea

Bill: £128.64

A family-run North African restaurant off Ravenscourt Park decorated with traditional artefacts, colourful tablecloth and drapes across the ceiling, providing an atmospheric dining environment.

Start with a Chakchouka, grilled peppers and tomatoes, onions, chilli and spices with the addition of merguez (spiced lamb sausage) and a selection of crisp pastry filled in different ways: with marinated minced lamb, herbs and spices (Bourek), brie and goat’s cheese (Briouat) potato, egg and tuna (Brik).
Your main got to be either a couscous or a tajine with a preference for the latter: choose between the spicy lamb with potatoes option (Constantine tajine) or the intensely flavoured sweet tender lamb shank with prunes, apricots, & almonds (Tajine el Ain).

The North African baklavas are bigger and of a different consistency from the more famous Middle East version and they go perfectly well with the mint tea, a compulsory treat to end your dinner.
Algerian Cuisine in London: Azou

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