Week 34 – Iraqi Cuisine


Cuisine: Iraqi
Restaurant: Juma Kitchen
Address: pop up, various locations

Guests: Jenan, Dario

‪- Kubba Haleb‬
‪- ‬Basturma Scotch Eggs
– Falafel
– Bacon dates
– Humous
– Baba Ganoush
– Lebna
– Kubba Hammouth
– Saffron Chicken
– Lamb Cutlets & Dolma
– Fattoush
– Iraqi bread
– Knafa
– Pistachio & Rose doughnuts

– Juma beer (3x)

Bill: £96

Contemporary Iraqi food experience brought to London by chef Philip Juma.

Take as many starters as you can making sure not to miss the ‪Kubba Haleb, lamb croquettes fried to perfection and‬ some of the delicious dips: Baba Ganoush, aubergine mixed with tahina topped with pomegranate, Lebna, creamy cheese with pickled beetroot, caraway and pistachio. All to be scooped up with traditional Iraqi bread.

Follow with a taste of Kubba Hammouth, little lamb dumplings in a tomato soup sprinkled with mint, and the flavour-packed chicken breast, served with potatoes in a rich saffron sauce and garnished with crispy onions.

Knafa, a cheese pastry soaked in sweet syrup covered with pistachios and rose petals, and the little doughnuts are a great way to end dinner.

A joy for all your senses.
Iraqi Cuisine in London: Juma Kitchen

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