Week 31 – Korean Cuisine


Cuisine: Korean
Restaurant: Dotori
Address: 3 Stroud Green Road, London, Greater London, N4 2DQ

Guests: Noemi

‪- Kimchi‬
‪- Gim‬
– Ojingeo Twigim
– Buchu Jeon
– Mapa Tofu Deopbap
– Yukhoe Bibimbap
– Chocopie & Ice Cream

– Cass beer
– Hite beer
– Soju

Bill: £63.90

Notes: A tiny, little gem, a stone thrown away from Finsbury Park station offering on two completely separate menus, Japanese and traditional Korean dishes. Choose to stay on the high stools at the bar by the window, admittedly not the best view but it will add some character to your dinner.

Ojingeo Twigim (deep fried sticky squid in a sweet sauce) and a generous portion of Kimchi, Korean national side dish made from salted and fermented napa cabbage, make good starters.
The main is a tough choice: the vegetarian options are few but great, Bulgogi (Korean BBQ) tempting, Bibimbap, Korea’s worldwide famous rice dish, not to be missed.

Finish your dinner sharing a Choco-pie with Black Sesame Ice Cream while sipping a few shots of Soju, a distilled, strong, colourless, rice liquor, Korea’s best answer to sake.
Korean Cuisine in London: Dotori

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