Week 28 – Afghan Cuisine

Afghan Cuisine in London: Afghan Kitchen

Cuisine: Afghan
Restaurant: Afghan Kitchen
Address: 35 Islington Green, Greater London, N1 8DU

Guests: Mum and Dad

‪- Lavand-e-Murgh (chicken with yoghurt)‬
‪- Qurma-e-Gosht (lamb with potatoes)‬
– ‪Qurma Suhzi Gosht (lamb with spinach)‬
– Banjon Borani (aubergines with yoghurt)
– Borani Kado (pumpkin with yoghurt)
– Moong Dall (lentil dall)
– Rice
– Fresh bread
– Afghan Chutney
– Afghan Mixed Pickles
– Baghlava

– Dogh

Bill: £67

Overlooking Islington Green this little beautiful (not so hidden anymore) gem proudly offers “traditional Afghan home cooking” in a small premises, fitting a total of four/five large tables shared among the customers, that really makes you feel like you are the special guest dining in someone else kitchen.

Four meat dishes and four vegetarian dishes are all you can choose from: the best possible advice is to book in advance, come with a group of friends, and get absolutely everything you see on the menu.
All dishes are surprising, colourful, generous in size and delicious but both the lamb options deserve a special mention: the Qurma Suhzi Gosht, a dark-green stew of tender, slow-cooked pieces of lamb and spinach and the Qurma-e-Gosht, a tasty stew with pieces of tender lamb coming with perfectly cooked potatoes, both set a very high bar.

The slightly spiced dogh to drink and the home-made triangularly shaped bread will help getting towards the end of dinner that gotta be concluded with a few Baghlava, afghan style baklava.
Afghan Cuisine in London: Afghan Kitchen

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