Week 27 – Cypriot Cuisine


Cuisine: Cypriot
Restaurant: Aphrodite Taverna
Address: 15 Hereford Rd, London W2 4AB

Guests: Mum and Dad ‪

‪- Halloumi
‪- Tzatziki
– Greek salad
– Kleftiko
– Souvla
– Mousakka

– Hatzimichalis Atlantis Reserve
– Metaxa
– Mint tea

Bill: £115

A Greek-Cypriot family run restaurant between Notting Hill and Bayswater with a helpful, attentive, homely service that starts from the exact moment you step on the little patio in front of the premises.

Even if a few complimentary starters (beans, radish, chili pepper, black and green olives) lands on your table before the menu, don’t shy away from ordering some more appetisers such as the grilled halloumi cheese and the home made tzatziki, perfect to be scooped up with some pitta bread.

Saying that the mains are big is an understatement: the Kleftiko (slow oven baked tender lamb with bay leaves) is incredibly tender and literally fells off the bone, the Greek salad is rich and refreshing, the mousakka could feed two people alone.

End dinner with a complimentary portion of rose and lemon flavoured loukoúmi perfect to be accompanied with a glass of Metaxa brandy.
Cypriot‬ Cuisine in London: Aphrodite Taverna

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