Week 23 – Dutch Cuisine

Dutch Cuisine in London: De Hems

Cuisine: Dutch
‪Restaurant: De Hems
Address: 11 Macclesfield St, Soho, Greater London, W1D 5BW

Guest: Tim, Charlotte, Oscar ‪

‪- Bitterballen 2xl
‪- Broodje kroket
– Frikandellen speciaal
– Patatje oorlog
– Patatje special

– De Koninck APA
– La Trappe Tripel
– La Trappe Dubbel
– Lindeboom
– Vedette wit (2x)
– Jupiler
– Jenever (2x)

Bill: £84

Tucked away down a Soho side street, on the corner of Chinatown, De Hems is well known to be London’s only Dutch pub and a paradise for Trappist beers lovers. A menu of selected traditional Dutch finger food specialities is the only acceptable accompaniment for the impressive selection of Beneluxian beers. Ask the bartender for some recommendation but keep an eye at the ABV to avoid surprises.
Pretty much everything you can eat is deep fried, from the Frikandellen a long skinless sausage topped with onions and curried ketchup, to the Bitterballen a sort of round shaped croquette. It may sounds heavy but these savoury snacks perfectly mix with the strong beers and… everything is better when fried, agreed?

Oh, did I mention they have great beers?
Dutch Cuisine in London: De Hems

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