Week 20 – Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian Cuisine in London: Lalibela‬

Cuisine: Ethiopian
‪Restaurant: Lalibela‬
‪Address: 137 Fortress Rd., Tufnell Park, Greater London, NW5 2HR‬

Guest: Oscar

‪- ‬Qategna beh Aubergine
‪- ‬Lentil Samosas
‪- ‬Lamb Beyaynetu
‪- ‬Papaye Sorbet

‪- Ye Emete Ethiopian Tej‬
‪- ‬Traditional Ethiopian Coffee

Bill: £60.61

Notes: if you believe sharing is caring then East African food is your kind of thing.

Set your expectations with a couple of starters then dive into the main dish: a slightly spicy collection of lamb wot (a sort of stew) and veggies placed over a flat layer of injera bread, the Ethiopian national pride, a sourdough-risen flatbread with a unique spongy texture you will use to mop up the food. An almost playful experience and a joy for your senses.

A couple of glasses of taj, strongly tasting sparkling homemade wine flavoured with leaves and twigs of gesho, an African shrub, and honey, will make your dinner even more exotic.

Ending with a strong black traditional Ethiopian coffe is nothing but recommended.
Ethiopian Cuisine in London: Lalibela‬

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