Week 13 – Tibetan Cuisine

Tibetan Cuisine in London: Kailash Momo

Cuisine: Tibetan
Restaurant: Kailash Momo
Address: 79 Woolwich New Road, London SE18 6ED

Guest: Alessandra

– Golgappa
– Chilli Vegetarian Momo
– Mutton Momo
– Vegetarian Momo
– Mixed Thenthuk
– Plain Bhaley
– Tingmo
– Gulab Jamun

– Tibetan Butter Tea (2x)
– Nepali Beer

Bill: £36

Notes: the line of Tibetan flags hanging at the entrance won’t fail in making you in the right mood after a long journey to get to this little gem set in the eastern part of London.
Skip the starters and go straight to the king of the menu: Momo, the quintessential Tibetan dish. Steamed, fried or served in a hot sauce
these sort of dumplings filled with veggie or different kind of meat come in a big army of 10 each portion, but they are delicious, go down like butter and you’ll want to order more and more.
If you can, leave some room for a Tingmo, momos’ big brother, a white round shaped steamed bread, and a mixed or veg Thenthuky noodle soup.
End your dinner with nothing but three balls of Gulab Jamun, easily the sweetest thing on Earth.
Tibetan Cuisine in London: Kailash Momo

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