Week 5 – Russian Cuisine

Russian Cuisine in London: Mari Vanna

Cuisine: Russian
‪Restaurant : Mari Vanna
‪Address: 116 Knightsbridge London SW1X 7PJ

‪Guest: Edyta, Roxana, Holly

‪- Olivier Salad
‪- Pirogi w cabbage
‪- Pirogi w potatoes
‪- Pirogi w mushrooms
‪- Borsh (3x)
‪- Siberian Pelmeni
‪- Blinis w salmon
‪- Vareniki w mushrooms
‪- Honey cake (2x)
‪- Napoleon Pastry
‪- Smetannik

‪- 1 prosecco
‪- Cherry vodka
‪- Honey vodka (2x)
‪- Plum vodka

Bill: £257.63

Notes: leave your coat at the entrance and step in what could be your 90 years old wealthy Russian grandma’s living room. Quirky and elegant, you may easily be satisfied just with the starters: pirogi are filling and tasty, both borsh and dumplings come in generous big portions. Save some room for the mouthwatering desserts. To be washed down with some homemade vodka infusions of course.

Leaving to the strains of “Felicità” by Albano and Romina. Priceless
Russian Cuisine in London: Mari Vanna

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