Week 4 – Georgian Cuisine

Georgian Cuisine in London: Little Georgia

‪Cuisine: Georgian
‪Restaurant: Little Georgia
‪Address: 14 Barnsbury Rd, London, N1 0HB

‪Guest: Oscar

‪- Russian salad
– Blini
– Khachapuri
– Chashushuli (x2)

‪Drinks: ‬
– Mukuzani

‪Bill: £79.20

‪Notes: Old vintage telephones, soviet-style graphic posters, old black and white portraits and traditional music set the scene for a full immersion in a Caucasian dining experience.
From the unmissable stuffed cheese-bread baked on order to the spicy beef stew matched with tasty dry aromatic Georgian wine everything brings you straight to Tbilisi.

A little Islington gem.
Georgian Cuisine in London: Little Georgia

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